Pro Bands for Frog Hair Guide Spools – 2 Pack


Pro Bands designed to fit Frog Hair Guide Spools
2 Different Colors for line ID

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**Pro Bands come in an assortment of colors, colors are random but matched properly for aesthetics. If you are ordering 6 bands, or 2 or more packages we will send no like colors for line ID**

Pro bands are designed to be a re-usable efficient way to access and store your tippet. Each band has been molded to industry standard tippet spool sizes for angler accessibility.  The bands are a one piece ring designed to fit neatly edge to edge to the desired spool with a small tab for removing the band. This edge to edge coverage also serves as a shield from water, UV exposure, and dry rot. The inner band consists of a chisel finish allowing the tippet to unspool smoothly.  When installed the angler simply slips the Pro Band over the spool and sits it against the monofilament leaving the tag out of the desired side.  The tippet tag is held with the friction of the band against the tippet spool walls. To access the tippet the angler pulls on the tag end for the desired length of tippet to be used. The angler then clips the tippet leaving a tag for future use. The bands come color coded for easy line ID on the water.

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