An Introduction to Pro Bands

A tippet retention device designed to eliminate line tangles, dry rot, and quitter stock bands. Pro Bands offer Less Hassles & More Fish per tippet spool and outing on the water.

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See how Pro bands solve a common issue that many Fly Fisherman have experienced on the water. For Pro's these issues are amplified by the pressure of wanting to put clients on fish!

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What The Pros Are Saying

We put Pro Bands in the hands of Fly Fisherman and this is what they had to say:
Andy R.

Andy R.


I've been a fly fishing guide in Steamboat Colorado for over ten years and a fly fishing junkie my whole life. With Pro Bands, gone are the days of frustrating leader wasting lanyard tangles and UV damaged tippet. Pro bands keep me organized so I can spend more time with my flies in the water.

Tim N.

Tim N.

Professional Fly Fishing Guide

"Pro Bands are a game changer! No more rats nests from my spools, just smooth easy use, and protection for my expensive fluorocarbon tippet!"

Frank D.

Frank D.

200 plus days on the water each year

"I carry my tippet spools in a vest pocket. Your PRO BANDS keep my tippet on the spool ready when I need it. No tangles or abrasions from pulling the tippet through a metal ring. Thanks for solving one of fly fishing’s “there has to be a better way” issue. I’m a believer."